15 Funny Satirical Essay Topics To Consider

Satire is one great art of writing that most writers use. It is a way that writers use to express a certain harsh feeling but in a polite way. Human beings are not perfect. They have certain vices that must be rebuked in the society. You may be looking for good satirical topics but find it challenging. This should not make you lose your concentration.

Choosing the best satirical topic

The main aim of a satirical topic is to state a certain ironical situation in a gentle way. Writers may use humor or any other way to express this. A good satirical topic should have the following features:

  • It should express a harsh feeling: This is the main purpose of a satirical topic. Therefore, whether you are formulating or choosing from a list, you have to make sure it meets this expectation. If you are uncertain, you can simply share it with a friend or get help from the teacher.
  • Brief and precise: You will find out that long topics are usually unattractive and therefore, none of your audience will want to read your work. On the other hand, short topics are more impressive and if they have other aspects, they will always attract the reader’s mind.
  • This should not be a difficult thing to do. You only have to rephrase your topic using a few words.
  • Simple and interesting: Your satirical essay ideas should never be obvious because no one will want to see your work. A simple topic should be easily comprehended by everyone.

Below are 15 funny satirical essay topics to consider

  1. The first Christian nation that is sop mean to the homeless
  2. Tomorrow, everyone will wake up in a Brave New World, in this ongoing terror attacks and war
  3. Politicians are good people; they only take care of themselves and their families.
  4. The government promises to protect the poor but most of those in jails are the innocent homeless children.
  5. Slavery and oppression to the African nations made the European nations become superior.
  6. Pastors are human beings who are not expected to sin.
  7. Communities have good leaders but most people end up in poverty and hopelessness.
  8. Politicians make a lot of promises but they only meet a few to the people
  9. The environment is one of the major concerns but human beings are busy spoiling it.
  10. Gay marriages should be allowed in the world of male and females.
  11. Most people desire marriages in which there are a lot of challenges
  12. The rising divorce rates after expensive weddings.
  13. How the majority of people want to eat more but want to remain slim.
  14. The human effort to plant trees and the rising rates of deforestation
  15. How the beneficial industries increase pollution.