Writing A 5-Paragraph Essay On The Interpretations Of Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is one of the best stories about True love; the characters are said to have died for love. You may be asked to craft a Romeo and Juliet 5-paragraph essay and interpret the major concerns that the author brings on board. In this case, you should do away with panic and start thinking of the best way to impress your teacher.

  • Explore the story of Romeo and Juliet
  • Although it is a famous story, there are some people who have no idea about it. Even if you have read it a thousand times, rereading will make you remember some of the major events that you might have forgotten. Apart from the book, you can also read other materials that are available online. Make some short notes about the themes. Try to relate various issues as outlined by various authors and pick only those that may be helpful to your writing. Avoid controversial ones as these may confuse the reader.

  • Create an outline
  • Once you have ideas about the story, you can go ahead to organize them into brief statements. These are then listed down on a sheet of paper. The list should not be too long and you should write in eligible handwriting so that you do not take a lot of time reading them when you embark on writing an essay about Romeo and Juliet. Those who have no idea about drafting outlines should first ask for aid before creating one because a poor outline can affect the quality of your work.

  • Craft a precise topic
  • Your work is much easier because you already know what you want to write about. Therefore, formulate a topic that can capture the reader’s attention and make them develop desire to read through your work. You need to check on the word count. Avert from extremely long topics because they give negative impression to the reader. A long title is one that has more than twenty one words while an extremely short one has less than thirteen. Therefore, maintain your word count within this range.

  • Introduce the reader to your story
  • The audience does not always know what the writer wants to talk about. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure you introduce the story by explaining the major themes in your critical essay about Romeo and Juliet. Tell the reader that your main concern is to interpret these themes for easier understanding. An introduction should be brief and simple to understand. In your introduction, you should make sure that the reader is able to clearly find your thesis statement.

  • Give your interpretations
  • In this case, you do not have to dwell on writing so many paragraphs. Simply get three strong points, each of which will form a complete paragraph. The topic statement should be an interpretation and then followed by major explanations. In order to get the correct interpretations, you need to have made a deep prior research from the book. In each set of paragraph, you have to give relevant examples.

  • Conclusion
  • Before completing your essay, you need to make a summary of all the interpretations. There are a lot of details you may have but you only need to focus on those that have been outlined in your work. Link your conclusion to thesis statement and make sure the two do not have any controversy.