Helpful Advice On Writing A Great Essay On Gender Roles On Macbeth

When it comes to writing an essay about Macbeth, the author uses this character as a subject of exploring gender roles. This is because Lady Macbeth convinces her husband to murder Duncan where she indicates that she needs to take some roles that are more masculine. In one of her popular speeches as recorded in Scene 5 of Act 1, she details the issue. Lady Macbeth shows her desire in losing the feminine qualities and gaining some muscular ones.

The role of Macbeth in gender roles

One thing that is clear is that gender seems to be out of its tradition in the work. The disruption in gender roles also seems to be presented in the usurpation of Lady Macbeth in the dominant role that she plays in her marriage. There are many instances when she not only rule her husband but she also dictate him on what to do.

The weird sisters are also an indication of the gender role disruption. These are perceived to have violated nature and even though they are designed as sisters, they also have a gender that is quite ambiguous. For instance, despite the fact that they are women, they also have beards. The hair on their faces is a symbolism of their influence of the warrior society in Scotland where it is male dominated.

Lady Macbeth is without doubt one of the strongest characters in the play. When writing on gender roles in macbeth essay, a good idea would to consider how she content with women’s role. To be able to carry out her plans, she prays to the gods to be unsexed. However, she is still not ready to kill Duncan herself. Instead she wants her husband to murder him. Here we see the irony in that despite trying to musculate herself, she still want to be a good wife in a middle-class culture that is fast emerging.

The setting of the play in relation to Macbeth

The play is set in Scotland which was a warrior community that did not have a lot of space for women. Women were considered subordinate to men and had to divorce their husbands because they did not have the necessary qualities needed to fit in a society of warriors. This is the reason why we see that Macbeth makes a triumphant entry into the play after displaying some brave action on the action field. Therefore, there are various scenes that can be used in to show gender roles in Macbeth essay examples.