Expert Advice on Creating an Essay Outline on Great Expectations

As you write your Great Expectations essay, you have to look at the outline you are creating. Several ideas can be used when studying Dickens’ work and developing an outline based on it. These are all about helping you to understand the types of topics you can discuss.

  • Understanding Personalities
    When you write your outline for your essay on Great Expectations, you have to look at the personalities of the characters. This is especially the case with Pip as he often reveals many points about himself throughout the entire work.
  • Social Class Concepts
    Your outline may also look into social class and how it influences many aspects of the story. It is fascinating to see how Pip goes into a state of wealth and moves into a social class that is outside what he is used to. Many Great Expectations essay topics reflect on the idea of social class and how influential it can be. Your outline can be designed based on what you find with social class in mind.
  • Justice and Guilt
    Guilt is a feeling that is often felt throughout the story. Dickens even includes a number of symbols relating to justice to go along with that emotion. These include scenes of courtrooms, jails and police activities. When writing an essay, look at how guilt and other feelings are incorporated into the story. See how those emotions are paired with different images so you can understand what makes a topic worth reviewing.
  • Think About Experiences
    You can also look at the experiences that individual characters had in the past. Look to add points in your outline about what inspires individual characters to act as they do. This includes looking at what past events might have caused people to act in certain ways or have particular attitudes. You can use these experiences to figure out what you can write about if you are trying to focus your paper on one character no matter how minimal that person might be.

Your Great Expectations essay must be carefully organized with a proper outline. Look at the themes associated with the story and how it is organized when developing an outline that fits perfectly with your paper.