Great Tips On Completing A Strong Persuasive Essay Introduction On Animal Farm

The British Novella, Animal Farm is usually taught in different high school as well as college classes. For many years, students are supposed to analyze this text even as they offer insight on how the work uses irony, metaphor, satire or even the political commentary. The classic book is a bit short but also comes with a lot of historical importance and meaning. The book also offers a great entry point for using irony and metaphor in literature pieces. When asked to write an animal farm persuasive essay, many students end up with a lot of struggle.

First you will need to understand that in a persuasive essay, your goal is to convince your reader of a given point of view of even a specific action that they need to take. With a persuasive essay, you will need good research that is based on a good understanding of the two sides of an issue. The paper should provide the writer with your opinion as well as the opposing view. Here are a few steps in writing a persuasive essay about animal farm.

  • Prewriting
  • This is an extremely important step in writing an animal farm argumentative essay. It is during this step that student should plan the different aspects of the paper. During this stage, you should:

    • Choose your position. It is important for you to select an issue and a side that you would like to advocate for
    • Understand your audience. In order to write an effective work, you will need to understand the perspective of the reader. Consider whether the reader is undecided or is inclines to favor a certain particular side.
    • Carry out a research. The persuasive paper will in most cases depend on evidence that is both convincing and solid. Avoid relying on a single source. Instead, you should visit a library where you should speak with teachers and experts. Ensure that you read a lot and take notes. No matter the side that you are taking, you will need to understand that there is no substitute to it.
    • Identify your convincing evidence, key points and the opposing views
    • Organize the structure and outline of your persuasive essay
  • Creating the outline
  • You will need to organize your evidence in a way that will enable you to make an argument that is very strong. If your instructor has provided you with an evidence of the paper’s structure, you will need to make this part of your outline.

  • Writing the introduction
  • You should ensure that you have managed to grab the reader’s attention in your introduction by using a hook. Provide an overview of your introduction. Include a thesis statement that will reveal the position that you are trying to argue. Use some clear and directed topic sentence to start each of your paragraphs. Each of your paragraphs should be some kind of a mini-thesis statement. This is in order to ensure that the argument is flowing in a cohesive manner. You will be building your argument one brick to the other for your readers to ensure that there isn’t any confusion.