The Key to Composing a College Essay Conclusion on Pride and Prejudice

It has been about 200 years since Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice and yet her novel still continues to make an impact. You can complete a college essay on one of many themes introduced in the novel. But in order for you to complete a proper Pride and Prejudice essay, you must look at how well your essay is to be organized. This includes understanding how to complete an appropriate conclusion.

  • Understanding the Houses
    The houses introduced in the story are very different from one another. A conclusion may look into how the houses of the Pemberley, Bennett or Netherfield families among others are possible extensions of those who live in them. This could help with understanding how Austen develops her characters and illustrates the values that each family holds.
  • Sibling Relationships Are Worth Studying
    Your essay on Pride and Prejudice may also include a review of sibling relationships. This includes understanding which siblings reveal more about the key characters that they are related to. This could help you to create a conclusion over how well sibling relationships are formed. You may even develop a conclusion over how individual families in the story behave based on such relationships.
  • Understanding the Point of View
    The point of view in this story is a topic of interest. While much of the story is told through Elizabeth’s point of view, many others are highlighted. It may be intriguing to look into how the story might have changed if it was told from a different angle. Your Pride and Prejudice analysis essay may include a full review on how well the point of view in the story is organized.
    This could even entail a look at how marriage and other key aspects of life at the time may be influenced by a male or female viewpoint. This is critical as gender roles play a major part in the story.

Your conclusion for your Pride and Prejudice essay should be prepared with a sensible consideration in mind. The topic that your essay is about should help you with figuring out a great conclusion that you can follow. Make sure you study the book regularly to get ideas on how well your paper can be arranged.