College essay writing prompts:
help from former students

Do you experience problems with writing your essay? If the answer is yes, we are here to stop those problems.

There are many things to consider when writing this kind of paper, but it is nothing so hard or complicated. However, many of you still fear this part and you want real and quick help. Luckily, we can provide you with the most helpful information, because we have tips from former students, who went through all of that you have to go through.

Here are some useful tips from former students about essay writing prompts!


Even if you get the topic and know what you have to write about, it is important to prepare yourself. You have to make a plan based on your obligations. Many students leave the essay to write it when they finish with other tasks. That is wrong because than you don't have so much time and you are going to be stressed out. You will have to do everything in one or two days. It will lead to a lack of quality and precision. You should have a planer, where you will organize everything and leave enough space for every obligation.


Learn from examples. And by that we mean that you should first learn from others when you see them make a mistake. If a students get a bad grade, you can go and see why. But if you also got a bad grade, you can ask the teacher why you got it. This is a good way to avoid mistakes the next time. You know the saying: „learn from your mistakes“. You can totally apply that here. The other part of this tip, is that you can also learn from samples. There are many samples of essays on the internet, or from former students. You can use those to find inspiration for your own essay. It will help you to get the main idea and to know what you could write about.

Make an outline

An outline will definitely help you with any kind of paper. When you first write everything down and make a plan, you can get back to it in order to avoid mistakes and to have organized thoughts. You can write down the sections you want to include and the main ideas you want to mention. It will be a reliable guideline, and we can assure you that you will find this very useful.

Tell your opinion

Even when you do the research and have many information and evidence to support your idea or topic, you should always point out your opinion. You have to show your way of thinking. This is what makes every paper different. There are many opinions and thoughts for one topic, and you should find a way to express yourself. The conclusion is a great part to tell some of your last thoughts and to point out the focus. With the help of your research information, you will be able to conclude everything the right way. Make sure to do that clearly and precise, without confusing the reader.


If you want an excellent grade, you will have to get used to this part. You just have to proofread everything in order to get the best possible product. Check for grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes. Even if you were careful while writing the essay, you should check everything once again. Maybe there are some parts you don't like, because you wrote it the wrong way. Or maybe you want to change a part. Edit and proofread using help with essay for a better grade!